Expand your team with the top remote talent

Accelerate tech team expansion

Hire in under 48 hours – streamline your hiring process by accessing a pool of top developers in one platform. Scale your team efficiently by hiring skilled nearshore developers remotely from LATAM.

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All in one platform

Seamless hiring, compensation in USD, and overall management of your talent, no matter their location in Latin America.

Quickly interview, hire, and track contracts, in a transparent and efficient recruitment process.

Double-Vetted talent

Candidates are double-vetted to ensure high English proficiency and all necessary technical skills.

Find highly skilled senior developers with expertise in end-to-end system development, demonstrating self-motivation, curiosity, ownership, and comprehensive capabilities.

Adjustable team size and rates

Expand your remote tech team according to your needs and budget.

We provide tailored talent solutions at cost-effective rates and you are backed by a 30-day no-cost guarantee in case things don't work out.

Backed by Simbiosis' 30-day no-cost guarantee

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your hire within the first 30-days: You pay nothing,and we’ll find you a new candidate at no additional cost.

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