Is Simbiosis an Agency or DevHouse?

No, it is a marketplace for hiring developers from multiple vetted software agencies across Latin America, whom will present their best candidates to you in less than 48hrs.

Is it possible to hire for the long-term using Simbiosis?

Yes, most of our users look for long term collaborations with our partners following the "first nearshore, then in-house" strategy. After 1.5 years collaborating with a partner, the engineer(s) become unlocked and could be hired directly if you want.

Do I need a CTO in order to hire through Simbiosis?

Highly recommended, but not necessary.

How do I deal with unusual situations with the assigned developer?

You may upload a ticket through our platform and we will assist you immediately for finding a solution.

What are the payment options?

You get an invoice twice a month and you may pay it with a credit card or ACH transfer through Simbiosis' platform.

Still have questions? Please email us at hello@simbiosis.team