New Elite Program For Engineers

Long term projects as an Independent Engineer

As an engineer at Simbiosis, you’ll get matched to work for long-term full-time projects and join our growing community in Latin America

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Why should you join our community?

There are plenty of reasons why to become a full-time independent engineer part of the Simbiosis community, here just a couple.

Take control of your career

You decide how much you want to earn and which your next big challenge will be.

Challenging projects

We match talented engineers in Latin America ready to take their next jump with the best companies in the US.

Full-time engagement

Get only full-time engagement projects, so you can focus completely in this new opportunity.

What we expect

English level: upper intermediate and advance

160 hours available for a full time job

Pass the technical test

Sign the terms and conditions

Important info

Hiring is done under the regime of "contractors"

which implies that the developer must make their own tax return, payment is made by the hour and is made at the end of the month, non-tax billing is does through the platform, which is an average of 160 hours per month.

Once Simbiosis contract has been completed, a fee of %15 will be charged during the first year, 10% the second year.

Steps to join our community

We make sure just the best ones join our talented community, but in case you don't make it, we will work with you to get there.

Take control of your professional career path now!

Like a full-time employee, but even better

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What our community says

Carlos Osiris
Full stack engineer

“Simbiosis helped me to connect with a great project and team I'm working in from Pachuca. MX“

Jesus Granados
Wordpress developer

“I got matched with a project in SF a couple of months ago and it has been amazing“

Gabriel Bana
Full stack engineer

“I'm from Uruguay and the matchmaking process was very smooth, I'm enjoying it“

Carlos Fonseca
Full stack engineer

“Great experience, I never thought I could be working remotely at home“

We solve all the boring things about being a contractor so you can focus on what you love "Code"

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Common Questions about Simbiosis Platform you could have in mind.

Are these temporary projects?

Who is a good fit?

Is this a full-time engagement?

Which is the hiring model structure?

How long does this process take?