How quickly can US Companies hire Nearshore Developers from Latin America?

There has been an increase in US companies looking to hire remote developers, particularly in Latin America, as a simpler and faster process than hiring in the US. This article discusses the factors that can impact hiring time and provides an estimated timeline for first-time hiring, as well as tips on accelerating the process.

Margot Bustamante
April 27, 2023

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of US companies looking to hire remote developers, especially those located in nearby countries, a practice known as nearshoring.

Forbes reports that Latin America is becoming a leading supplier of technology talent to North America, with a 156% increase in businesses looking to hire in the region, particularly for software engineering roles. Compared to hiring a software engineer in the US, which can take months and cost over $30,000 per role, leveraging software engineers in Latin America can be a simpler and faster process.

However, for US companies new to tapping into nearshore tech talent, the question arises: how long does it take to hire a nearshore remote developer for the first time? While this varies based on company size, location, and role complexity, several factors can impact hiring time. In this article, we will discuss these factors, provide an estimated timeline for first-time hiring, and offer tips on how to accelerate the process.

Factors that impact hiring time for nearshore remote developers and estimated timeline

1) Defining the right role

Nearshore hiring begins with defining relevant information and requirements for the role to be filled. The hiring success rate and the time taken to find the right talent can start to vary depending on how specific the job posting is and the role's complexity. Technical skills are important, but it's also essential to identify the type of personality needed for the role from the outset to ensure a successful recruitment process. Besides technical skills, identifying the necessary personality traits for the role is crucial for effective recruitment. According to the book Scaling Up Excellence, two types of activities require distinct personalities within an organization:

  • Star tasks need a risk-taking, proactive-minded individual who excels in creating innovative strategies and staying ahead of competitors.
  • Guardian tasks, which involve preserving the company's resources, are for those involved in keeping the company running, rewarding employees, and bringing in new talent.

A classic example of this is the CEO and COO roles, where the COO is typically responsible for guardian tasks, while the CEO focuses on star tasks.

Estimated time: 1-2 weeks

2) Screening and interviewing candidates

Once the company has identified suitable profiles that fit their role specifications, the next step involves reviewing resumes, conducting pre-screenings, and scheduling interviews with the most promising candidates. The time these steps take can vary depending on the number of candidates and how robust the company's hiring process is. There are tools that can help speed this up like Test Gorilla, or more advanced approaches involving AI such as S-core, which make it easier to compare each potential hire by automating the pre-screening and providing a suite of analytics to help with the decision-making step.

Estimated time: 1-3 weeks

3) Hiring and ensuring foreign compliance

To ensure a smooth hiring process, it's important to have a good understanding of the legal documents and requirements when hiring nearshore talent. After conducting reference checks, negotiating the terms of the contract, and selecting the ideal candidate, make sure to take into account that all necessary legal documents and contracts are in order, considering taxes and local compliance in the respective countries. Working with legal US-based entities can be a big differentiating aspect in the process. By prioritizing these factors, the company can ensure compliance with local laws and regulations while making an informed hiring decision.

Estimated time: 2-3 weeks

Tips on how to accelerate the process

One of the biggest differentiators can be selecting the right nearshore partner from the beginning. Consider teaming up with experienced companies or platforms that provide remote tech talent through a flexible staff augmentation model. Research their background, clients, satisfaction levels, and existing workforce turnover rates to ensure they align with your needs.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Evaluate platforms such as Toptal or Upwork if you are open to working with freelance talent. These platforms offer an extensive network of freelancers with various technical skills and experience levels.
  • Reach out directly to Latin American agencies that have a proven track record of providing experienced developers and engineers. Talent agencies specialize in sourcing and vetting candidates, making the hiring process more efficient.
  • Utilize platforms that provide an integrated and streamlined procedure to quickly connect with potential hires, eliminating the need to contact multiple providers. They can help reduce the complexity of sourcing remote developers.

In conclusion, the process of hiring a nearshore remote developer for the first time typically takes 4-8 weeks. However, partnering with the right nearshore allies can cut the hiring time by up to 50%, making it essential for companies to evaluate potential partners carefully from the start. Once the right partner is identified, the company can proceed with identifying the ideal talent, conducting screening and interviews, and making a well-informed decision while ensuring compliance with foreign legal requirements. By following this process, companies can successfully hire the right nearshore remote talent and set themselves up for a thriving partnership.

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