We don’t have 100k devs. Just the one you need.

Our specialized partner agencies don’t provide regular devs. They assign leaders that excel in technical capabilities, are highly proactive, and have great soft-skills.

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How we’ve helped startups

Simbiosis is the perfect ally for multiple types of founders building their tech teams.

Whether you are a technical or non-technical founder, a first-timer or veteran; we have the right solution for your startup.

Tom had a clearly defined product and a roadmap

The next step was building the right team. Joining forces with Simbiosis, he found the best remote tech team for his project. Now, 4 skilled devs and a UX/UI designer are working together from different partner agencies across Latin America.

Jeanine already had her in-house tech team but needed a rockstar dev

For a 6 month project with strict deadlines. Through Simbiosis, she found a top senior dev in no time. After the work was done, the dev was released back to his agency, adjusting her tech team on demand.

Steven hired a part-time senior dev for the project

Charged with managing the structure and defining priorities, and a full-time mid-level dev responsible of writing the code, both from the same partner agency. They've been working together for over a year!

David and his CTO were looking to build the initial version of their product

They used Simbiosis for sourcing vetted candidates and hire the best among them. For over 8 months they have worked together and are now planning to hire the dev as an in-house employee after the first year.

Core Benefits



Technical prowess


Verified english-speakers


Get your first candidate in less than 24 hours

Hire them as fast as today

Budget friendly

All the best qualities from a dev at half the cost (or even less)

You define the budget and our partner agencies present their best

Dynamically adjust your tech team on your real-time budget

Free to use platform; we won’t charge you anything for our service

Fee is charged only to our partner agencies once they assign an approved candidate

Only full-time devs

100% committed and working exclusively on your project

No freelancers

Dynamically adjust your tech team on your real-time budget

Assigned in direct communication with your team, no intermediaries

After one year of working with our devs, you can offer them to become in-house employees

Easy Management

Payments, billing and legal paperwork in one place

Dashboard for team management on platform

Take your Startup to the next level!