Latin America Tech Hubs

There is a revolution happening in this region, check out which countries have the strongest community and tech infrastructure in the region

Efraín Méndez
September 28, 2020

Latin America (LATAM) is a huge region formed by 20 culturally similar countries, most of them speaking the same language and have shared history together. Brazil, México and Argentina lead the economy in the region, and it is not a surprise that a whole tech revolution is happening here; VC's are growing each year, startups unicorns are starting to born without precedents, and talent like software engineers are getting more experience in the field. Also, in contrast to other countries like in Europe and the US, Latin America count itself with a huge workforce supply for tech companies (most of the population in LATAM is still young).

Based on the Startup Blink ranking 2020, here are the top 5 leading countries as tech hubs in Latin America:

1. Brazil

Global ranking: 20

Tech hub cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

Brazil is leading the list, and it is also the most populated country in the region with around 208 millions of people living there, followed by Mexico with around 126 millions. On of the strongest industry in Brazil is the "E-commerce" and all the solutions related to this field.

2. Chile

Global ranking: 34

Tech hub cities: Santiago, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso

Chile has been one of the pioneer countries in startups and VC's in LATAM, being "Startup Chile" one of the first pre-seed acceleration programs created in the region. The model implemented in this country is still an inspiration for many others on how to start and grow the startup infrastructure.

3. Argentina

Global ranking: 38

Tech hub cities: Buenos aires, Cordoba and Mendoza

Argentina is well-known as the country with the first unicorns in the region such as Mercado Libre (the LATAM version of ebay), with a culture of expansionism along the region and fighting against old regulations in the country regarding e-commerce.

4. Mexico

Global ranking: 41

Tech hub cities: Mexico city, Monterrey and Guadalajara

Mexico is the Spanish-speaking leading country for its economical and workforce power, the closest country to the US sharing a 3,145 km border and a cultural affinity. Because of its closeness to the US, many US companies are starting to see this country as the main option to grow their workforce. There is a trading agreement between Mexico, US and Canada that make things easier to do business between those countries.

5. Colombia

Global ranking: 46

Tech hub cities: Bogota, Medellin and Cali

Colombia recently got spotlight thanks to Rappi, a YC accelerated company focus on last mile delivery that became one of the newest unicorn in the region and the first one in Colombia. Today, the community in this country has grown up rapidly and a lot of colombian startups and talented engineers are starting to appear.



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