Social Impact as a Partner

Defining a great company it's not just talking about their size or experience; it's about their values, their mission and the impact they are creating for the community.

January 8, 2021

Partnering with great companies it is something very valuable for us. Defining a great company it's not just talking about their size or experience; it's about their values, their mission and the impact they are creating for the community. We are very happy to say that one of our partners is Punto Singular, a Mexican based software development company, but who exactly are they?

Punto Singular

It’s a Mexican IT consulting firm founded in 2004, specialized in building software products through their Software Factory with more than 13 years of experience in the market, helping over 500 companies during this time with more than 70 employees.

What makes this partnership special and very valuable for us is their mission for generating high impact through their foundation “MNQOBI”, where they look to find and develop young talent from rural parts of Mexico and LATAM, building a Social Business Ecosystem instead of only a big company.

The Social Actions

Punto Singular works closely with a foundation called “MNQOBI” which is dedicated on searching and developing young talented individuals from small communities in Mexico and the rest Latin America. Thanks to this foundation, there is now a strong community where talented software engineers are raised, located in Zitácuaro, Michoacán, it now has over 40 engineers working on international projects mainly in the US. They also other locations in Chetumal and Mexico City, focused on developing talent in emerging technologies like: Master Data Management, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and specific tools like CRM platforms.

An interesting part of these efforts is that every engineer that stays in the community becomes an example for other young students pursuing a career in the STEM field, which translate on better paid jobs and therefore more general development of the region.

An example of how studying and learning can become a strong motivation is Gerardo Rodriguez, a student from the Technological Institute of Zitácuaro. He mentions that “My whole family has not gone beyond high school. They are very unfamiliar with the field of technology and what it can lead to".

Thanks to this program he has been able to pursue his dream and become a software engineer. His family has now seen the rewards of studying and how working in the tech industry can mean a different life with better opportunities. With this remote work approach, Gerardo gets to develop his talent, bring more money to his family and also staying home with them.

“You may think that in MNQOBI we are just dreamers, but we are not the only one.”

Luis had worked his whole life as a farmer in Colombia until he was helped to become a software engineer starting at the age of 34. Luis is a great example that neither the age or the prior circumstances matter when your dreams are in the way.

At Simbiosis we are very proud of having partners like Punto Singular, we strongly believe that there are many great engineers in Latin America ready to be found or developed, by creating opportunities we are one step closer to help them reach their dreams.

Punto Singular has a variety of technology experience, you can find high talented engineers who are experts in front-end technologies & frameworks like JQUERY, ANGULAR, JWT, JAVASCRIPT, HTML5 and CCS3 among others.

If you want to hire engineers from them or other top partners from Latin America, you can fill-out our 1 min form at the end of this article, for start getting candidates for you to interview and hire. We have a 2 week trial period, during this time you will be able to work directly with the engineer and corroborate that there is a good match, without investing any money from your side. Starting the process with us has no cost, you only start paying once the engineer is working with you and you are happy with his/her performance.



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