Tired of freelancers? A new way to augment your team

We love freelancers! But let's face it, there are some unfortunate bumps along the road that many entrepreneurs and startups working with freelancers have faced. What if there was a better way?

Marco Rivadeneyra
September 26, 2020

We love freelancers! When faced with an urgent need for someone specialized and that can help us turn things around quickly, freelancers have saved us more than once. But let's face it, there are some unfortunate bumps along the road that many entrepreneurs and startups working with freelancers have faced.

Let's talk about some of these issues

Fixed scope and fixed budget

Usually when working when a freelance you will start by setting a fixed scope with a deadline and an agreed budget, and this is all fine if you have a small deliverable or a barely changing ecosystem; but for many, if not all, startups this is not the case, we overlook things, new information is discovered and customer needs evolve, all this creates changes on the scope which on the best cases will delay the project a bit while renegotiating but on some cases might throw the project off

Divided attention

As the name implies, freelancers are free to work on as many projects as they think they can handle, unfortunately as humans we are very bad at estimating and are prone to overestimating how much work we can take on.

One man team

With great power comes great responsibility

This is specially true for freelances, who on one hand might win a lot of freedom but they are also completely responsible for all their work and any issues with it with none to back them up or help them should they get stuck with something or face any kind of issues that keeps them from focusing on the project.

No fixed schedule

Have you ever tried setting a meeting schedule with a freelancer traveling the country? What about living all the way across the world? Sure these might seem like extreme examples but if you are looking for a predictable schedule so all your team can be easily on sync even while remote, it's going to be hard with a freelancer.

No quality assurance

Although many freelancers invest much time and resources on keeping their skills up to date, this not always the case, and you can find many with fake portfolios or not verifiable experience. This means a more in-depth interviewing process and even then you might not get what you where looking for.

Missed deadlines

Stuff happens, we get it, and it's fine!

But what happens when you keep missing deadlines not because a new challenge appeared or maybe there was an unforeseen technical issue, but because your team attention is divided on other priorities, like finishing that last part of the project they are expecting payment on.

What if I told you there is a better option?

Nearshore hiring can bring you all the advantages of the freelance world with the securities of having a work relationship with a trusted company.

With nearshore hiring you can find vetted specialized talent that will be 100% focused on your project without having to worry about selling other projects or billing and doing taxes, they have a company backing them up that does all that already. If they get stuck on something it's easy to ping a teammate and get a fresh set of eyes on the problem.



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