Can't figure how to get your Startup to the next stage? Join Jeff Sesol at our monthly webinar and learn how to go from Startup to Scaleup!

It is very common for startup companies to find themselves in a pinch whenever they need to move on to a growth oriented business cycle, away from an early-stage mindset. That's why we've invited Jeff Sesol as our guest speaker this month. With his ample experience in scaling up the infrastructure of many tech startups and companies, we're sure that this month's Simbiosis Talks will be a huge help to founders and businesses alike.

#SimbiosisTalks: From Startup to Scaleup is set to take place on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 at 4 PM CST via Zoom. Simbiosis opens the invitation to founders, entrepreneurs, young or senior professionals who'd like to join our dynamic Q&A session! Bring your questions ready for our special guest!

Our speakers

Jeff Sesol

Jeffrey A. Sesol

Business Coach & Founder of Pull the Chute

Starting as an Operations Officer in the Bank of Montreal and later moving on to Director of E-Commerce in the early 90's, Jeff quickly made a solid career in the tech business and co-founded in '97, becoming the pioneer of Cloud-based storage by building infrastructure which supported an unprecedented growth of 20 million users in 18 months. Afterwards, Jeff went on to become CTO at various companies, focused on improving the technological capabilities in favor of more efficient operations.

Today, Jeffrey is the CEO of Pull the Chute, a methodology designed to change the leadership style of top-down managing to an employee inclusive culture. He believes in the power of people and how people can boost personal and business growth. His philosophy is "Grow your employees, and you will grow your business."

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From Startup to Scaleup #SimbiosisTalks

September 22, 2022 4:00 PM
Online Event